About Creative Draping – Bespoke tailor made drapes for hire and sale

Here at Creative Draping we pride ourselves on our dedication to bringing to life your vision. From your brief, through creative development to installation, we prepare a bespoke environment for all your event decor needs. Creative Draping provides a unique service that encompasses the talents of established designers and seamstresses working alongside light designers. From bespoke tailor-made sik drapes for sale or hire to theatrical backdrops and contemporary fabric trims, we construct to the highest standard both temporary and permanent structures that will triumph in their lasting impression on your guests and clients.


Established in 1994 by our own CEO Susie Carlino, Creative Draping consistently challenges its team of expert designers and engineers in redefining draping. Utilising her extensive understanding of production and lighting as a platform to evoke dynamic environments and venue decoration. Creative Draping relishes each client's brief to produce a unique experience that will set you apart from your competition. We have worked with many clients with many varying briefs; from theatrical installations to wedding installations Susie has a flare for the abstract and regards her work as installation pieces that create shape and atmosphere. Susie has recently been experimenting with organza fabrics combined together to build modern, clean, sharp environments that retain a softness that comes with the use of such a diaphanous fabric. The scale of this work ranges from small private functions through to music festivals, film premieres, cabaret installations and has even been enjoyed within the 2012 London Olympics. In each case the results speak for themselves and create the right impact for each individual event's success.


Creative Draping works closely with the client in the development of the brief - expanding upon the initial concept by exploring the possibilities of what can be achieved within the scale, time, venue and budget. Our aim is to get the most out of the event in every way possible and to make your budget stretch imaginatively to the highest standard of expression.


Creative Draping tailors to your venue - we have a vast amount of experience transforming spaces with our contemporary drops, fabric wall linings and contemporary designed installations. So for instance, a company's office can easily be transformed into a vibrant Christmas party setting which can result in a huge saving to that of hiring a separate venue. Using our pipe and drape free standing framework to create a draped wall is an easy and cost effective approach to forming the illusion of a new environment and for tight budgets drape hire and theatrical fabric trims can still retain that all important WOW factor by optimising on our huge range of stock fabrics.


It´s not just a case of trying to give a client what they think they want, but more a case of expanding their options by exploring the possibility of what can be achieved within the time scale, venue and budget. Having a complete understanding of production and lighting, Susie is able to redefine bespoke tailor made draping like no-one else. One of her concepts is to use invisible draping. By using fine netting in various ways she can create multi-dimensional shapes that are brought to life when illuminated by lighting effects. By using this concept you can create an amazing atmosphere of patterned light. She has a flare for the abstract and thinks of her work as installations creating shape and atmosphere.


The Creative Draping team values the reputation that has been built over years of professional excellence - recognising that we are only as good as our last event. By using the latest fabric ranges, including bespoke tailor-made silk drapes, organza and velvets, we can give variety and spice to your event; by sewing the fabrics to tailor to your venue space ensures you have the highest quality finish - attention to detail is key.

All our crew are certified in the equipment we use for construction as well as PASMA and IPAF certified. Method Statement, Risk Assessment and Public Liability are all supplied as standard. All materials used are flame retardant and certified to British Standards.