The Design and Planning Stages of Contemporary Installations

We can provide sketches and photographs to help you see clearly what we can design for you. The sketches are roughly drawn but give an idea of the design and scale - all helping to create a mood board, additionally we can draw over your photographs so as to aid visualising the final amount of coverage. Sometimes it is not clear as to what can be achieved with different fabrics; a fabric wall lining will have a completely different finish to what our contemporary fabric trims would have so we can visit the venue in advance to assist with the selectionmaterials and various design options. For an additional cost a computer aided design can also be supplied. Below you will see examples of our contemporary installations from work in which the photographer captures a hint of the exquisite softness created by a draped environment.

Note: sound engineers love draping for its ability to absorb the harshness from a music system’s reverberations. All adding to the overall experience!.

Click on the images our contemporary installation designs for a larger view

Dinner Awards

Natural History Museum

Retro Room Nightclub

Corporate Christmas Party

The Brewery

The Wedding