Fluted Fabric Tubes

  • Inventions of fabric fluted tubes
  • Adaptable to any space
  • Designed to allow internal light source
  • Room to allow gogo dancers
  • Can also be projected onto
  • Endless choices of effects

Just one of our inventions fabric fluted tubes. Just to demonstrate the way the tubes can be modified to create new looks In one of the pictures we filled the space between two truss circles suspended in the main room. In the central truss a simple fanout design of white fabric. Then between the trusses fabric pleated tubes were created to allow a beam of colour changing light to make them glow.

We have built these fabric tubes in many ways we have had them 1.2m wide and 10m high with dancers in them lit from above. A real striking effect, they can also be projected
onto to give a oil lamp effect the choices are endless.