Our freestanding wall drapes can be built anywhere to any shape - using straight lines or even curved due to the versatile nature of the pipe and drape system. The maximum trim height is 4.8m.
Please see diagrams below for some of the different configurations available.

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By mastering how we can dress a system we are equipped to give you the biggest and best selection of fabric wall designs - Creative Draping are the only company that fits drapes like this with our attention to detail as second to none. We pride ourselves on promoting a high-end combination of aesthetic creativity and safety ...a pet hate of ours is seeing drapes kicked out into the floor which not only looks lazy but also creates a trip hazard.

Please see below a selection of our walling styles; including our beautiful wavy walk-through tunnels that give your venue a sense of mystery.

Wall Decor

Flat drape

Soft pleated with a trim

Soft pleated fitted with trim & dart dropss

Knot and tie with an organza trim

Lined fanout of organza

Curved walk through divide

Wavy walk through tunnel

Creative Draping Curtain