• Design and Installation
  • Self managed sets for venues
  • Huge selection of wedding drapes
  • Space management options
  • Completely transform your venue
  • Stunning selection of fabulous fabrics

We design interiors for Nightclubs, Bars, Restaurants and Hotels. By having an in-depth understanding of draping technique and their application, we are confident that we can cater to your brief with fantastic results. Susie Carlino draws from her extensive knowledge, experience and wide range of tried and tested styles to offer a variety of options as to building fabricated interiors – potentially a very cost effective way to transform a space. It is important to understand that though the resulting photographs are stunning - they pale in comparison to the softness, warmth and detail of the draped environment that you and your guests will enjoy in person.

As seen in recording studios, textured surfaces cushion the sound waves which provide a sumptuous quality to the sound ...this can also be achieved by draped spaces.